Austin Polka Band

Performing and Preserving Polka Music in Austin and Central Texas


The Austin Polka Band is an ensemble

of accomplished musicians who have been playing

authentic Polka music together since 2002. 

Austin Polka Band's music

is the perfect compliment for a variety of events.


m Festivals

m Family reunions

m Weddings

m Private parties

m Office parties and picnics

m Oktoberfest events

m Christmas events

m Restaurants, Pubs, etc.


We can vary our sound so as to fill an auditorium with music

or play as background music in a more intimate setting.

We perform polkas, waltzes, marches and a variety of music for all occasions.

Our music is guaranteed to get your toes a-tappin!

"Polka serves the need for people to have a music that, at least to some degree, just represents an escape from all other things in their life. Pop music doesn't do that anymore. Country music never did it. These are musics that just sort of reflect your misery constantly - you just wallow in it. Polka is a departure from that. It's like, 'Life is hard, we worked hard this week; this weekend we're gonna go dance the polka.' It's a music people turn to when they need a fix of something good in their life."

Brave Combo's Carl Finch, on the therapeutic effects of polka

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November 25, 2013
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The "Chicken Dance" is always a crowd favorite.


When was the last time you did the "Chicken Dance"? Well, that's too long!


m Do you need a "Chicken Dance" lesson? Click here to see an instructional video.


m Click here to discover the history of the "Chicken Dance".

Austin Polka Band at LaGrange, Texas/Fayette County Fair

Polka for Christmas?


Yep, nothing brightens up a Holiday party like a Polka Band playing your favorite Christmas tunes - along with traditional Polka music!


Contact us for your Holiday party!